Case Study 1

House redesigned to save from threat of flooding

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This 1960’s house, near the Blackwater River, Fermoy, Co Cork was built on a flood plain.

The house was subjected to floods at regular intervals, and therefore after trying various solutions to keep the flood waters out, it was finally agreed that the only solution was to raise the house by 1500mm (5ft). This major undertaking involved raising all the floors, doors, windows etc and adding a new roof. It also required the garden to be raised accordingly. The front south facing elevation was redesigned to give the house more character by adding two bay windows and a roof feature over the front door and bay windows. A new ground floor study/office replaced the converted garage on the west elevation complete with dormer bedroom over. To avoid the need for a flight of steps up to the front door the additional 1500mm height was spread out between the new terrace, various steps and a ramped driveway to provide for easy access. The area is no longer threatened by flooding due to a major “Flood Development Plan” and the new elevated house is considered a design success by all concerned.

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