Home Design Consultation

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Before modifying, refurbishing, or extending your home, why not get affordable expert advice to create the home or space that you really want.

Gerry can provide guidance on:
-Design concept and spacial planning
-Making better use of natural light
-New extensions –
design / layout / flow
 -Kitchen layout
-Scaled plans
-Interior design

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Gerry can also take your existing plans and redraw them in 3D so that you can have a virtual tour of the proposed alterations before commencing any work.

A two hour home design consultation will offer you a professional, sensible, actionable and affordable Interior Design plan that will transform your home, whilst remaining within your budget. It will take place in your own Picture 2home and cover all design aspects – helping you to discover how to maximize existing space, lighting, storage and much more.  If you live in a small apartment or a large country house, whatever work you are planning, why not have a chat with Gerry.  The consultation will also provide guidance on whether you should  add a new extension and how best to adapt your home to suit your changing life style and new challenges.

€ 100    1 hour Home Design Consultation   
€ 150 – 250    2 hour Home Design Consultation (subject to location)

(A small additional charge may be necessary to cover for travel and petrol).

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